Music by Discover Prompts

Hello Everyone! Music hmm, I have to write I like most music. When I hear a song and it makes me smile, tap my feet, move my arms, stand up and move around. I like it! Artists - Elvis, Pink, Elton John I mean Sir Elton John, Bette Midler, Cher, Johnny Mathis, Dolly Partner, IL … Continue reading Music by Discover Prompts

Daily Prompt: Tea

Tea Hello Everyone! ME: How about some tea? PEGS: What flavors do you have? ME: Same ones as last time? PEGS: Ha! Ha! Yes I know, but I thought you might have something new. ME: Nothing new ย - wait I did pick up a new one! Green tea, orange peel, Jasmine tea. ME: Do you … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Tea