Everyone! Are you a buzzworthy person? Do you believe all the buzzworthy you hear? On TV who is your favorite buzzworthy newscaster? Radio? Reality Shows? Β† F.Y.I. First known use of buzzworthy was 1980. Meaning new and interesting way that attracts or deserves widespread talk or attention. "worthy of buzz." Buzz, buzz, went the trolley!Have … Continue reading Buzzworthy


Hi Everyone! So many tears will change the brew strength of your coffee. Look at those tears. Pour, pour, pour! Now you know why she always gets the really sad parts with her hat. I can't believe it! I can't believe it. My best fried told me all about her party. (date wasn't mention at … Continue reading πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯Bathetic

Daily Prompt: Authentic

Authentic Hi Everyone! When you are looking online and it says authentic - do you believe that statement?Β Authentic mocha, cocoa, cream straight from local dairy. Cost of this specialty ====== $15.99. Auction house sale of crown worn by queen of Sheba sold for $500,000.99. WOW!! That is a true portrait done by Marion Rose done … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Authentic