Everyone! What the heck is a buzzwig or buzz wig?Do I really want to know?Aw come on!You have to take a guess!I would think it has something to do with a wig - right?You got the wig part right!Buzz, buzz, buzz = No bees involved. Bees are always in a bonnet.How about a "buzz" hair … Continue reading Buzzwig

Daily Prompt: Magnetic

Magnetic Hi everyone! Are you magnetic? What I mean is when you walk into a room and your magnetism draws everyone to you.  How many magnets do you have on your refrigerator? How many notes are under one of your magnet's? Do you always pick up a magnet of each state or city you go … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Magnetic

Daily Prompt: Harmonize

Harmonize  Hello Everyone! Today is a beautiful day to harmonize with nature,  Harmonize with friends sitting on your front porch swing,  Harmonize with the buzzing of the bees while they are pollinating the flowers and vegetables, Talking with relatives far away over the phone. Both of you harmonizing with laughter and song. What harmonizing will … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Harmonize

Daily Prompt: Harmony

Harmony  Hi Everyone! Hope all is well. Hear the harmony of the robins singing, Harmony of the American Kestrel, Harmony of the honey bees gathering pollen, Harmony of my neighbors kittens meowing, Harmony of Pyrrhuloxia (Cardinalis sinuatus), waking you up in the morning. Well this is enough harmony for me today! Have a great day! HERS  Pictures … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Harmony

Daily Prompt: Swarm

Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Watch out! Someone just knocked down a bee hive!  Swarmed isn't the word I'm really looking for, but it will do. It's been page, after page, after page of corrections. Doesn't anyone use spell check anymore? Do they even know how to use a dictionary?  Did you see that … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Swarm