Another Cobweb Removed

Hi Everyone! Finally another cobweb gone!!!! Depending on your age, items like "stove" used to be called a "range".You might even hear some people say "oven".Even though these items are similar during the ages, they are built differently, materials are different, designs are different. Tops of "stove" are really different, some don't even have burners. … Continue reading Another Cobweb Removed


Hi Everyone! Have you noticed all the quiz games that are out now on the web, iPhone, Bing, Google, advertisements while playing a game. I like to keep the cobwebs out of my brain. All of a sudden I spot an email about taking a quiz on "had or have". Guess what I kept a … Continue reading Quiz


Hi Everyone! Hope: Hello girls. I didn't realize how astute we all are.Abby: Wait a minute, Hope do you really think you are astute? Hope: Of course! Mabel: Wait a minute you two! Do you both think you are as astute as I am?Abby & Hope: Yes! Maybe even more so. Dot: Hi everyone, it's … Continue reading Astute

Chair Yoga 🪑

Hi Everyone! Have you ever done chair yoga? Well I heard about it and finally, finally decided to try it. Oh my gosh! It's tons of fun! You move with music while you are sitting. Give it a try! Have a great day! HopePhotos from Sherry Zak MorrisClip Art to left from La-La- … Continue reading Chair Yoga 🪑

déjà vu

Hi Everyone! I dreamt about being here in this spot a year ago. Hope: Wait don't cross the street yet!Abby: Why not?Hope: Just wait for the next light.All of a sudden "screech", "screech", "screech". déjà vu What Is The Origin of déjà vu?The late, great social philosopher Lawrence “Yogi” Berra is credited with saying “It’s … Continue reading déjà vu

Window Sills

Hi Everyone! What are you staring at? I'm the most handsome cat in the neighborhood! So beautiful! Not the flowers, me Beauty the cat! Milo🐱 Shoot! My nails need clipping! Hope - hurry, hurry, make an appointment right away for my mani-pedi.My response 🙇‍♀️ - You just had them done three (3) weeks ago.Milo 🐱 … Continue reading Window Sills

What is it? – 4 Answers

Hi Everyone! Here are the answers to What is it? #4. First one is a Axolotl Mexican walking fish. Second one Egret Orchid Third one is Tango Dancers Fourth one is Mooncalves & Jacob Fifth one is Skunk Cabbage stinky! Hope you enjoyed my blog on the above items. Have a great day! HopeAnswers to … Continue reading What is it? – 4 Answers


Hello Everyone! I'm stressed = I'm stressed = I'm stressed = I'm stressed = Have a great day! HopeDessert from Weekly Prompts.comMy I'm stressed pièce de résistance = the photo to the right. Clip Art from Bing.comNational Banana Split Day information & photo from National Day This is a test - What are the … Continue reading Dessert

Living Stone

Hello Everyone! Today taking you to something you may not have heard of, or maybe you have a ton of them around your home. Here's a little guy or should I say many little guys that might brighten up your day. What do you think? Known as Lithops, Living Stones, Flowering Stones, Butts (affectionately). Living … Continue reading Living Stone

Personal Grooming

Hello Everyone! Well one day I got tried of looking at my long bangs. So I got my scissors out, made the first cut. Said to myself my bangs are crooked.With my scissors in hand gave my bangs another clip. Not bad except the right side is now longer than the left.Again with my scissors … Continue reading Personal Grooming