Hi Everyone! What a word to start off the new year! The following animals have the same thing in common every year:Chipmunks,Bears,Bats,Box Turtles,Bumblebees,Garter Snake,Hedgehog,Land Snail,Fat-Tailed Dwarf Lemur,Wood Frogs,Common Poorwill,Skunks,Deer Mice,Prairie Dogs,Ground Squirrel. Have a great day! HopeHibernaculum word & definition from Dictionary.comHibernating animal information from KidsActivities.netClip Art from Bing.com & Clipart-Library.comPicture to left statue by … Continue reading Hibernaculum

Wicked Additions

Hi Everyone! Wicked Cauldron is super clean Granny Hazel's store is open today and she has fresh stock.The ingredients I need to complete my recipes are below:rat tails,bats for stirring up foam, star anise,vanilla - double strength,ginger chunks,cherry tree branch, (check for cherries),pear tree branch with blossoms, turmeric,saffron,pomegranate, make sure it's nice & plump,cardamom (cake … Continue reading Wicked Additions