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Hi Everyone!


Wow! What a word! Let me see what is my favorite scrumptious thing to eat? Hmm! Hmm! Hmm! A banana split without the strawberries.


Banana split check list


1 – scoop vanilla,
1 -scoop chocolate ice cream,
1 – scoop chocolate chip ice cream,
animated_pineapple_by_caitlinkart-d7txjs1 pineapple topping,
chocolate topping (don’t over do),
whipped cream,
cherry or maybe two (2) cherries.

And don’t forget the nuts!!

What is your scrumptious favorite?

Have a great day! Hope

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Scrumptious word from M-W’s Word of the day
Word definition from Merriam-Webster

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Hi Everyone!

Right now I have a desire for a banana split!
One scoop vanilla,
One scoop chocolate,
One scoop chocolate chip,
One topping pineapple,
One topping caramel,
One topping chocolate,
Now the whip cream,
Now the nuts sprinkled all over the top,
Finally a cherry.

Have a great day! Hope

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Word of the Day
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Daily Prompt: Tempted

Daily Prompt: Tempted daily prompt tempted

Hi everyone! Hope all is well.

daily prompt temptedHave you noticed that when you are trying to lose weight, someone comes over to you and tempts you?

Come on! Come on! Two pieces of candy won’t hurt. Were you tempted?

Come on! Come on! We can share a buttered popcorn at the show. daily prompt temptedWere you tempted?

daily prompt temptedCome on! Come on! I’m hungry after the play, let’s stop at our favorite restaurant! Were you tempted? 

Come on! Come on! I have room for dessert, don’t you? Were you tempted?

Come on! Come on! I have a taste for a banana split!!!! daily prompt temptedWere you tempted?

Come on! Come on! You know you were tempted BUT I know you resisted your friends temptations.

The temptations are out there every morning, every afternoon, every evening, every time you go some where, even your home. Bravo! To all those that have resisted.  To all those that couldn’t resist a temptation DON’T beat yourself up! It’s done, it’s over, get a move on, that’s right move on!

daily prompt temptedI found out it doesn’t hurt as long as you know your limitations on temptations.

Have a great day! HERS  daily prompt tempted

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