Hi Everyone! Attention everyone! Please sit at your desk, open up your computer screen, sign-in, then press the bright green button.Wait! Wait! Who in the world put that type of button in my notes?Instructor: Why is everyone grumbling? Red badge: I don't have a green button!Instructor: By any chance do you have a "red" button?Red … Continue reading Peer-to-Peer


Hi Everyone! Abby: Attention! Attention! Everyone! You recieved a copy of how the dinner dishware, silverware, glassware should be set by each person. There are no if's, and's or but's. Do you understand? If not you can leave now. Hope to Dot, Nins & Mabel: Okay girls this is serious to Abby! The queen is … Continue reading Regale

Daily Prompt: Thwart

Thwart Hi Everyone! I wonder who thought of this word for a Monday morning? Plus it's snowing here in Chicago, IL USA. Well let me stop complaining and see what "thwart" is all about. Pay attention everyone! We have to cancel our trip to Heaven. We will have to wait until they fix the cable … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Thwart