Hi Everyone! Happy New Year 2021! What is a "sleuth"? Well, let's see.You can say people considered a "sleuth" person to be nosy, invades your privacy, asks too many questions. People are ready to say "get out of my face". A "sleuth" is actually a detective, investigator, etc.Here's a strange one "breeds" short for "sleuthhound". … Continue reading Sleuth

Daily Prompt: Educate and Elevate

 Educate Elevate Hi Everyone! Now a days, there's no more reading, writing or arithmetic. Now you have reading, writing, science, history, art, music. To educate children they also have a choice of projects to be involved. Education is very, very important. If you want to get ahead in this world, you need education starting with kindergarten, … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Educate and Elevate