My Art Work “Milo”

Hi Everyone! Here's the scoop. A friend and myself went to a place called Pinot's Palette. It's a place where you can have parties for both adults and children. Birthday, Bachelorette, Holidays, great get together with friends, plus loads of fun. They even have corporate events. It's really a lot of fun! Plus I learned … Continue reading My Art Work “Milo”

Daily Prompt: Surreal

Surreal Hi Everyone! Now this word I have heard a lot of lately. It seems like every program I watch has surreal in it. So what's so terrific about this word? Have you ever had a surreal experience? Or a surreal dream? Not sure let's scoop it out. Surreal - characterized by fantastic imagery and … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Surreal

Daily Prompt: Interest

Interest Hi Everyone! People have different interests that help them relax after work.ย  Plus a great number of Seniors aka Senior Citizens. Younger generations would be surprised what they do! How do I know this? Because I am a Senior Citizen and proud of it!ย  Keep their minds learning. Keep their bones and muscles flexible. … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Interest

Daily Prompt: Abstract Hi Everyone! Hope all is well. Well I found a couple of things that I consider abstract. Steampunk and Cosplay I like the best. Art is a little different. When I see a picture and I have to turn my head trying to figure out if they hung it correctly - that's abstract to … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Abstract

Daily Prompt: Criticize

Daily Prompt: Criticizeย  Hi Everyone! Hope all is well. Criticize - have you ever been a critic of movies, art, theater, fashion designs? Have people agreed with you or have they "criticized" YOU? Do you like being criticized? When you criticize others do you do it with respect? Do you criticize them to the point … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Criticize