Hi Everyone! Old saying "nectar" is the "drink of the Greek and Roman gods" I think a good fruit nectar is refreshing, tasty, you want to drink more and more. My mango nectar makes me feel like a goddess lounging on my couch, with the breeze flowing through my hair. Light mist of ocean water … Continue reading Nectar

Daily Prompt: Rebel, Forest, Skewed, Core

Rebel  Rebel with or without a cause? Forest  "You can't see the forest for the trees" is an idiom in the English language used to describe a case in which one is so focused on the details of a given project that he cannot see or understand the whole issue. An idiom is a commonly used figurative expression … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Rebel, Forest, Skewed, Core

Daily Prompt: Juicy

 Daily Prompt: Juicy Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Juicy is a good word for a lot of things: Juicy Fruit Gum   Juicy apple Juicy orange  Juicy but not so sweet grapefruit   Juicy movie or TV role Juicy and simple dinner meal, with a luscious dessert  Juicy, juicy, juicy gossip, roomers, tales of happiness, … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Juicy

Daily Prompt: Yellow

Daily Prompt: Yellow  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Yellow is the sun. Wow! The lemons are such a bright yellow. Do you remember the song "Mellow Yellow" by Donovan? It goes like this: I'm just mad about Saffron Saffron's mad about me I'm just mad about Saffron She's just mad about me They call … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Yellow