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Something New

Hello Everyone!

There is always “something new” in the news each day as we all know.

I’m looking for “something new” or should I say “something new, new”?

Something new to me would be:
Something new, new conversions with your friends, relatives, neighbors,
Something new, found as you are going through items to give to charity and to your surprise, you discover something new you never wore.
Something new, writing a Something New blog for “Weekly”.
Something new, you spot a new flower bed starting to bloom.
Something new, is when you realize how beautiful the world is!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Definition – beauty cannot be judged objectively, for what one person finds beautiful or admirable may not appeal to another.

Try something new take one issue at a time, think positive, see how people respond to a disaster, see the hope on faces of people who are ready to rebuild what they lost. Watch how people take care of animals around the world.

Have a great day! Hope
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Hi Everyone!

What a word to start off the new year!

The following animals have the same thing in common every year:

Box Turtles,
Garter Snake,
Land Snail,
Fat-Tailed Dwarf Lemur,
Wood Frogs,
Common Poorwill,
Deer Mice,
Prairie Dogs,
Ground Squirrel.

Have a great day! Hope
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Hi Everyone!

Congratulations to all who have made someone smile!
Bravo to all who have saved animals safe!
Thank you to all who give their time for assisting elders!
A salute all who serve and protect their country.

Remember it’s the little things that matter in this world believe it or not.
To me it was the smile my aunt gave me when I got off the elevator to see her at the nursing home. That was my accolade!!
She would laugh at all the bags I had on my cart. I learned to carry everything when I went there. You just never know when her TV remote needed batteries. The ladies would be wondering if I brought any goodies. Did I?

Have a great day! Hope
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Accolade word from M-W’s Word of the Day
Word definition from Merriam-Webster

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png_Smiling-Little-Yeti-Cartoon-Mascot-Character-With-Open-Arms-For-Hugging-With-Hearts-VectorHi Everyone!


  • heart15What is love?
    • Strong feeling of affection for another person
    • Strong feeling of affection for an animal
    • Watching a beautiful sunset with someone you love
    • Walking down a path along the beach, holding hands
    • Broken-HeartLetting go of someone you love

A word used in songs, poems, books, movies and much more.

Have a great day! Image result for free clip art vintage women shopping transparentHope

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Tabby Cats Forehead

Hi Everyone! See the source image

Do you have a tabby cat? If you do go get their forehead and see if there is a “M”.

As everyone knows I’m bonkers, but this is what I have heard and read.

See the source imageHow Did Tabby Cats Get Their ‘M’?

All tabbies have an ‘M’ marking on their forehead, and on some this mark is very distinct. The ‘M’ is often referred to as ‘the mark of the true tabby’.

There are several amusing legends about how tabby cats got their ‘M’.See the source image

The most popular of these legends tells us that when the baby Jesus was lying in the manger he started to shiver with the cold.

See the source imageMary covered the baby with blankets but still he kept shivering. Mary then ask all the animals to move closer to the manger so that their body heat would warm Jesus.

The animals stood as close to the manger as they could but the baby Jesus remained cold and shivering.

See the source imageAfter a time a small cat with tabby markings jumped into the manger and snuggled next to Jesus. Before long the baby had stopped shivering and was sound asleep, contented and warm.

In her gratitude to the tabby Mary made the mark of her own initial, upon the cat’s forehead so that tabby cats will forever remind the world of how they saved Jesus from the cold.See the source image

Article from Best Cat Art. com/tabby-cats 

Have a great day! christmas angelHope

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Daily Prompt: Observe


Hi Everyone!

What have you observed lately?

Observed a tree popping leaves after a long, long winter.
Observed a new moon.
Observed a crocus, daffodil, tulip opening for Spring.
Observed duckling walking behind their mom.
Observed all the people walking their animals since Spring has Sprung.
Observed people yelling  “Oh my gosh! Whey don’t people pick up after their animals?”

Have a great day! Hope

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Daily Prompts: Lovingly

funny_cartoon_bird_image_4Daily Prompt: Lovingly funny_cartoon_bird_image_3

Hi everyone! Hope all is well.

Today is 2/8/2017 – can you believe it? Just six (6) days and Valentine’s Day png_cute-penguin-cartoon-character-holding-a-valentine-heart-vector-illustration-isolated-on-whitewill be here. So many couples will ask each other to get married. Pull out the “lovingly” ring to put on their surprised partner.

Then it will be time to start preparing for the “lovingly” ceremony, dinner, etc.

png_kid-53108-220Image result for free clip art couple holding hands transparent

What a loving couple. They still hold hands as they walk down the road. The reason they hold hands is to generate the love they have for each other.


It’s important when your child is born and for all the years they grow up you hold their Image result for Parents and Children Clip Arthand. Of course when they get older you don’t want to embarrass them so you “grab” they hand with a strange hand shake. And just that little bit will generate love.

Have you every watched our neighbor talked to all his plants and trees with so much passion. He sure has a beautiful and colorful garden.

She shows so much loving to each of her animals. png_chubby-cat


  • Me: He has such a loving passion for writing, he never stops. You would think his eyes and fingers would get tired.
  • My friend: Didn’t you ever notice that he’s talking into a microphone?
  • Me: No.
  • Image result for free clip art laptop computer transparentMy friend: Well that microphone is hooked up to his computer and all his lovely words are typed for him. That’s technology. 


Have a great day! HERS png_cartoon_girls_017

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Daily Prompt: Shine

Daily Prompt: Shine

Hi everyone! Hope all is well on January 11, 2017!

Today we are going to shine: jpg_smiling-sun-cartoon-mascot-character-with-sunglasses-giving-a-thumbs-up-vector-illustration-isolated-on-white-background

  • Not only as a friend,
  • Not only as a mother or father,
  • Not only as a sister or brother,
  • Not only as a neighbor,
  • Not only as a care giver,
  • Not only as a special needs aide,
  • Not only as a animal care taker, (cat, dog, cow, lamb, toucan png_cartoon_parrot_playing_a_guitar, parakeet, lion, bear, gold fish, etc.),

Image result for Free people smile Clip Art transparentOur shining smiles show we care, help others in many, many different ways, support others when they have sorrow, illness, need someone to talk with (but not looking for advice). Give others strength even though they don’t realize they need it.

When others see me walking around with my shining smile, they wonder what I’m up Image result for Free woman smile Clip Art transparentto!

WOW! I see Your shining smile!

Have a great day! HERS Image result for Free woman smile Clip Art transparent

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Daily Prompt: Fortune

Daily Prompt: Fortune

Hi everyone. Hope all is well.

What do you consider a fortune?

Being a musical person? Being a person with a green thumb? Image result for free clip art plant transparentBeing a person with a operatic voice? Image result for free clip art ballerina transparentBeing a person that will be a ballerina? Being a person that will be on Broadway?  


Image result for free clip art jewel transparentBeing a person with billions in the bank or stashed in their mattress? Being a person with jewels from all over the world locked in a vault? Being a person with property worth millions?


Being a person with a smile on their face, giving to kettle at Christmas time, giving to a person standing in the middle of the street, giving comfort to those that can’t do for png_cute-penguin-cartoon-character-holding-a-valentine-heart-vector-illustration-isolated-on-whitethemselves anymore, giving care to animals, giving your loved ones their last good-bye? 

Your fortune is in your heart and only you know what your fortune is. Image result for free clip art heart transparent

Have a great day! HERS Daily Prompt Urgent

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