Hello Everyone! Happy Monday! Let's start the week with Jabberwocky! What the heck is "jabberwocky"? Well let's see! It could be someone saying a loopy story when they are feeling sad, or it can be someone in politics saying whatever during an election year, or a creature from Alice in Wonderland.I'm sticking with Alice in … Continue reading Jabberwocky


Hi Everyone! Come along everyone, we have to keep moving. Another tour will be starting in thirty (30) minutes.Now, who do you think wore these tap shoes? The story behind this guitar is out of this world. Earrings were worn by???? A very unique painting of Alice in Wonderland of a different era! Have a … Continue reading Garniture


Hi Everyone! Nuance is great in this one don't you think? No! No! This one with it's different lines of color will be the best! You both need to brush up on your artwork. This one is the one. When the soft lights are on you will be able to picture yourself right there with … Continue reading Nuance


Hi Everyone! What is your favorite "buzzword" to use? Makeup products may use organic, natural, Vegan,Foods may use organic, natural,Flavors may use both natural and organic, Household products use "eco-friendly", natural, green. Me I use "bonkers" to describe myself. Bonkers is a nice way of saying your crazy, mad. I might say I'm "bonkers" for … Continue reading Buzzword