It’s Coming! It’s Coming!

Hi Everyone! Hello Hope! Can you hear me? This is Abby! Yes Abby I can hear you. What's going on?Well I just saw a Moose in your yard. Did you see this animal? Wait a minute are you feeding him? How come you didn't tell me? Where did he come from? Are you Moose sitting?Abby, … Continue reading It’s Coming! It’s Coming!

RDP: Cook

Hi Everyone,ย  Are you ready to cook???? Abby, Mabel: Hey Hope what are you cooking or should we say trying to cook. Hope: You two (2) are so, so, so funny! I'm trying something new and am going to test it on both of you. Abby, Mabel: We don't think so. Is this going to … Continue reading RDP: Cook

Hello Who’s There?

Hi Everyone! Hope: Who's there? Abby: It's me. You told me to be here at 10 am. Dot: It's me. You told me to be here at 10:05 am. Hannah: It's me. You told me to be here at 10:10 am. Ezzie: It's me. You told me to be here at 10:15 am. Now that … Continue reading Hello Who’s There?

Daily Prompt: Narcissism

Hi Everyone! Narcissism Dot:ย  Who is sitting with Abby? Hope: That's William. Dot: William who? I don't remember seeing him around. Hope: You have to be kidding? Watch this. As I'm waving my hand gentle and yelling - Hey Abby! Hey William!ย  Dot: Hope are you kidding me? The way you yelled, and, and oh … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Narcissism