Hello Everyone! Abby: Hope take the next curvy road. Hope: Abby how far is in from this stop light?Abby: You just missed it!!Hope: I think you need glasses! I'm turning around now!Abby: You know what, the next time I'm driving!!Hope: Okay Abby, here's your sign! You forgot to tell me which one to use. Have … Continue reading Curve


Hello Everyone! Abby: I have to touch that painting!Hope: Why?Abby: I just have to touch it's surface that's all!!Hope: You do realize that if you harm it in any way you will have to buy it.Abby: I just have to touch, touch, touch the surface!!!Hope: Abby, Abby, Abby, I hope you bought your checkbook.Abby: Oh … Continue reading Surface


Hello Everyone! Hope: There goes Nins running around for volunteers.Abby: What do you mean?Hope: She handles the krewe for Mardi Gras, parades of all kinds. Abby: You have to be Kidding? Nins even handles our parade?Hope: She sure does!! She has handled our hat parade from the beginning.Abby: Hope let's take her out for dinner. … Continue reading Krewe


Hello Everyone! Abby: Are you ready to cosmeticize your room?Hope: Yes,Abby: This is going to be your office correct?Hope: Yes,Abby: Let's cosmeticize!!!! Here comes your chair, Next is your desk with computer setup,Next is your lighting, Next is your filing systems,Next is your paintings, they are bonkers like you,Next is your computer and accessories,Next is … Continue reading Cosmeticize


Hi Everyone! Yes, Watson, it's a great possibility that Moriarty is involved. Hope: Hey Abby! Look, look they're planning a party. What is the possibility of us going to one? Abby: Hope there's a great possibility in the year 2075. Do you think we'll be around? Have a great day! HopeClip Art from Bing.comPossibility word … Continue reading Possibility


Hi Everyone! Hope: Oh My Gosh! It's really you! Mr. Charlie Chan, thank goodness you're here my friend has Abby has been shanghai. Can you help me and her other friends to find her? Mr. Charlie Chan: Of course that's why I stopped in to see you. Now give me the details. Wait, wait, wait! … Continue reading Shanghai

Hello Hallow Eve!

Hi Everyone, Hope: Abby do you have your ingredients ready?  Abby: Here are my ingredients I'm using this year: Ingredients:      Abby: What about your cauldron? Did you clean and polish it from all the dust during the year? Hope: Sure did! You and the girls will need moon-glasses to look at it on my vacuum while … Continue reading Hello Hallow Eve!

Hello Fall!

Hi Everyone! Hope: Hi Abby! How you doing? Did you happen to see my asters? Abby: Hi Hope! Who is Ester? Hope: I said Asters, not Ester. Abby: Sorry about that. I know you are a master of everything. Hope: Abby I said Asters!! I am not a master of everything, only somethings. Abby: See … Continue reading Hello Fall!

Daily Prompt: Slight, Pedigree, Thin, Infect, Premature

Hi Everyone! Have a few words for you today! Slight Did you see that? Wow! Great slight of hand with the cards. This friend of Dot's means to flatter you, but it comes out like an insult. Pedigree Pedigree of high fashion  Pedigree of the dog world Thin as a pencil! Thin  Stressing makes your hair … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Slight, Pedigree, Thin, Infect, Premature

Daily Prompt: Fret

Fret Hi Everyone! Hope: Abby what are you fretting about? Abby: Nothing! Hope: Here comes Dot. OM Gosh it looks like she is fretting also! Dot: I just can't believe it! Hope: So what are you fretting about? Dot: You are not going to believe this! Hope: So what happened? Dot: All I can say … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Fret