Hi Everyone! Abby: Dot, Hope, Mable do you recognize that guy wearing the white "fedora?" Dot, Hope, Mable: Oh my gosh! Isn't he the one that took Nins wallet when we were at the casino? Abby: There's is girlfriend. Wow! Look at that fabulous hat!! Hope: I love that pinstripe "fedora". Hope: Now a days … Continue reading Grift


Hi Everyone! Have you ever been immerse in a book? How about a move at home or at a show?ย  Hope: Hi girls! Who is going to be in the dunking water tank at our fair? Abby: Not me! Mabel: Not me! Ezzie: Not me! Nins: Not me! Dot: Not me! Dot, Nins, Ezzie, Mabel, … Continue reading RDP: IMMERSE

Daily Prompt: Above

Above Hi Everyone, Hope: Look above! Again look, look above!! OM Gosh! Look, look, look above!!! One more time! Look, look, look, look above!!!! Abby, Dot, Nins, Mable: Why do you want us to look above? Hope: Just wanted you to see how beautiful the sky is, along with the hot air balloons floating by! … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Above