Daily Prompt: Gate

Gate  Hello Everyone! How many definitions are there for gate? Let's see! Gateway to Heaven, "cool", Gateway to Hell, "hot" - way too "hot" for me, hope my stay is short, Be nice and hold the gate for our senior neighbors, OM Gosh! Who ran into Mr. Vince's fence? They really smashed his gate in … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Gate

Daily Prompt: Dormant

Dormant Hello Everyone! Have you been feeling dormant lately? You know what I mean - right? If you don't to me my brain gets stagnant,  needs fresh air everyone needs a breather open up your brain to new things in the world take deep breaths Stop! Stop! Stop! Take a day of vacation. This is … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Dormant

Daily Prompt: Harmonize

Harmonize  Hello Everyone! Today is a beautiful day to harmonize with nature,  Harmonize with friends sitting on your front porch swing,  Harmonize with the buzzing of the bees while they are pollinating the flowers and vegetables, Talking with relatives far away over the phone. Both of you harmonizing with laughter and song. What harmonizing will … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Harmonize