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Daily Prompt: Cur

See the source imageCur

Hi Everyone!

I have seen so many dogs in my life and the one breed to me is the best to have is a “57 Variety”.See the source image

Now if you have never heard of this breed, it’s a mixture of two to ???? dog breeds.
You can have collie, poodle, sheep dog, basset hound mix,
You can have boxer, retriever, border collie, doberman Pinscher mix,
You can have a doberman pinscher miniature, chihuahua, dachshund mix.

See the source imageBest of all is their love they give you for accepting them the way they are!!

Isn’t it a shame we can’t accept people the way they are!!!!See the source image

Have a great day! Hope

PS: All breeds are lovable, beautiful, gorgeous. I just love the ones with the cutest smile.

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Daily Prompt: Elaborate


Hi Everyone!

Let me see what can I elaborate on today?
I don’t want to bore anyone.
Let me make this one a short, easy, adoring, cute, fabulous, gorgeous, wonderful, etc, etc, etc, etc.
PS: I forgot to elaborate.
May 1, was May day, National Chocolate Parfait Day, and many more,See the source image
May 2, is National Truffle Day & National Life Insurance Day,
May 3, is National wear two (2) different color shoes, National specially able pets day, plus many more,
See the source imageMay 4, is Bird day, National Candied Orange Peel Day, National Star Wars Day, plus many, many more,
May 5, is Cinco de Mayo Day,

National Cartoonist Day, See the source image

National Train Day, National Join Hands Day See the source imageand more!

Oh My Gosh!! I hope I didn’t bore anyone! I think a couple of you fell asleep though!

Have a Great day! Hope

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