Daily Prompt: Chuckle

Chuckle  Hi Everyone! Hope all is well. Oh my gosh! Did you hear all the children chuckling when that clown jumped on the trampoline? The chuckle of the day is: You fill in the blank - have fun! ME: Did you hear those ladies in the movie theater?  NINS: Yes they sounded like crackling hens, … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Chuckle

Daily Prompt: Opaque

Opaque Hi Everyone! Hope all is well. Opaque what a word to write about. Well let me get started. Here's our forecast for today murky, Forecast for tomorrow cloudy, Forecast for the Wednesday hazy, Forecast for Thursday visibility 1 foot if we're lucky, Forecast for Friday clouds will be more transparent, Forecast for Saturday it's … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Opaque