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Daily Prompt: Climbing


Hi Everyone! Hope all is well.

  • png_Royalty-Free-RF-Clipart-Illustration-Angry-Black-Ram-Sheep-Cartoon-Mascot-Character-On-Top-Of-A-MountainClimbing to the top of that Mt. Everest,
  • Climbing the stairs at work, the elevators broke,
  • png_astronaut-on-a-strange-planetClimbing into the space shuttle,
  • Climbing out of the space shuttle,
  • jpg_Business042Climbing the corporate ladder,
  • Look at that crazy color ivy climbing up walls of that house,
  • png_Shell-vector-clip-art-imageCould you imagine yourself climbing up the ladder to trim that crazy color ivy?
  • Look at her climbing the stairs to receive her award,
  • png_cartoon_hiker_on_top_of_a_mountainHow many times have you climbed the stairs for exercise? 
  • Be cautious when climbing up those old, old, creaky steps in Auntie Leaky’s house.

Have a great day! HERS 20080121-underwood-typewriter-poster-1920s

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Daily Prompt: Cranky

Cranky png_Sippi-cup-juice-flat-vector-icon-design

Hi Everyone! Hope all is well.

ME: Today the sun png_12903_rf_clipart_illustration_happy_smiling_sun_cartoon_characteris out, no clouds in sight, temperature in the 50’s, it’s Friday, what more could you ask for?
angry-face-girl-clip-art-image-angry-face-of-a-little-girl-with-zgEnn0-clipartNINS: So what!! It could always change when we go out to lunch. Winds at 50 miles per hour, temperature drops to the 30’s, etc, etc, etc.
ME: BOY! Are you cranky today.

I think most people have a friend like that. Do you?

Have a great day! HERS 20080121-underwood-typewriter-poster-1920s

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Daily Prompt: Measure


Hi Everyone! Hope all is well.
Happy Friday. Don’t forget tomorrow is Earth Day!

  1. What measures are you going to do for Earth Day?
  2. Will you recycle bottles?
  3. Will you separate glass & plastic items?
  4. Will you take specific items to places that handles electric, PC, computer cords?
  5. Will you take your old phones where a company recycles them?
  6. Will you keep measuring amounts of what you have recycle over the year?
  7. Will you have your friends, neighbors, relatives measure their items?
  8. All of you might be surprised at the end of the year what all your measurements add up to. You might think well that’s not enough.

BUT the earth will smile if just one (1) plastic bottle is recycled!!!!

Ask your friends, relatives, neighbors, your town, city, state, country, lakes, ponds, oceans what recycling means to them????

Thank you & have a great day! HERS 

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