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Hi Everyone!

Wow! Doesn’t that cake look delicious? I wonder how the chef made it? Even if you would ask they do not give away their secret ingredients.

The word “nonpareil” did not start out as a cooking, baking word. It started way back in French as “not equal”. Pareil comes from a “Vulgar Latin” form word “par” which means “equal”. Then “nonpareil” back in the 15th century became an adjective, then in the 16th century it became a noun as a individual of “unequaled excellance”.
Then finally we get to the good, delicious part of “nonpareil” candy. It’s chocolate with white sugar pellets on it.

“Nonpareils” are not just used on candy. They are also used on cookies, pretzels, cake decorations, ice cream.

I have to sign off now. I’m on a sugar high!

Have a great day! Hope
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Hi Everyone!

The word “cavalier” soared up to 6,200% in April 2019.
WOW! How did that happen?

The University of Virginia’s men’s basketball team won the national championship. Teams name is “Cavaliers!”

Everyone starting looking up the word “cavalier”.

Cavalier started way, way back as “a soldier who fights on horseback”, or “a gallant courtly soldier”, or “a lady’s escort or dancing partner.”

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