Daily Prompt: Faint

Faint  Hi Everyone! Did you see that dramatic faint Isabella just did? Do you think she will get the part? Of course she will. She is one of the best fainter's in the acting industry. Local acting that is.  She always thinks someone will come running down the aisle with an Emmy or Oscar in … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Faint

Daily Prompt: Egg

Egg  Hi Everyone! ME: Everyone is looking at me. Do I have egg on my face?  ABBY: In more ways than one! ME: What do you mean?  ABBY: Let's just say it's what you're wearing. ME: Wearing? ABBY: Did you look in the mirror before you ran out the door this morning? ME: No! But … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Egg

WP-Photo-Challenge “Experimental”

Experimental Hi Everyone! Is this one for me? Come on, come on open, open, open!  Why in the heck do they use so much tape? Maybe this one will be easier. It's soft, can get a couple of teeth through it. Right? Okay let me try a different corner. No that one isn't working either. WOW! … Continue reading WP-Photo-Challenge “Experimental”