Hello Today Is!

Hi Everyone!  According to National Day Calendar today is: National Sausage Pizza Day HOW TO OBSERVE Enjoy these sausage pizza recipes: Onion and Sausage Pizza Chicago Deep Dish Sausage Pizza International Day of the Girl  HOW TO OBSERVE Join events around the world designed to improve the lives of girls in the most impoverished nations. … Continue reading Hello Today Is!

Hello Weather!

Hi Everyone!  Is your weather driving you "bonkers"? Mine is. Monday 10/8/2018 was 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Tuesday was 83 degrees Fahrenheit. Wednesday was 73 degrees Fahrenheit.  Today Thursday 10/11/2018 will be 51 degrees Fahrenheit. This "bonkers" weather will be the same for the next couple of weeks. I'm going to stop complaining, because I don't … Continue reading Hello Weather!