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A la mode

Hello Everyone!

Hope: Hi Mabel! Since we going out for something, how about going for pie A la mode?
Mabel: I am ready to go where the sweetest desserts are topped with ice cream!!
Hope: OM Gosh!!! Look at all the choices!!!
Mabel: I’m on a sugar high already!!!!

Have a great day! Hope
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Hello Everyone!

Jonquil is a flower, not to get mixed up with Daffodils. What’s the difference you ask? Jonquil have rounded leaves, while Daffodils have wider flat leaves.

Jonquil a girl’s name meaning reed.

Jonquil represents the feeling of desire.

Daffodil symbolizing rebirth and new beginnings. In England they are called Lent Lily due to their long association with Lent.

Daffodil also represents creativity and inspiration.

Have a great day! Hope
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Hello Everyone!

I love hats! Do I ever wear them? Once in a blue moon.

Their are so many styles, colors, with veils without veils, mystery looking (who is under that hat), chic, beachy, baseball, football, hockey, soccer, etc, etc, etc, etc, even a bonker’s homemade knitted hat.


Have a great hat day! Hope
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The hat to my right is one of my favorites!

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Cartoon Characters

Hello Everyone!

Mr. Magoo What a character. No matter what he did it always worked out for him.

JetsonsGave me a look of what could happen in the future.

Gumby & Pokey – the first animated cartoon I saw way back when. They were the first stop-motion characters created and modeled by Art Clokey.

Today we have animated characters which to me are different than cartoon characters. What’s the difference?
Cartoons are drawn or painted by hand on celluloid painted sheets, then photographed, and shown on shown. Which I call flat.
Animated are computer generated imagery (CPI). 3D animation. Are more realistic with their movements.

Now my son will just say cartoon no matter what. Then I correct him “it’s animated”. He is a comic book person – totally. He has been going to “comic book conventions” for eons. I went with him to see what they were like, I really enjoyed them, plus he didn’t know how to drive.

By any chance do you remember when comic books were banned. I do. To me children back then were reading outside of school and enjoyed it. Then over the years reading skills went down. Let me tell you when I looked at one of my son’s comic books I needed to take out my dictionary. WOW! Totally different from when I was younger.

Transylvania 3 animatedWhat a difference from watching the original movies eons ago. I’m talking Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee, Lon Chaney and Lon Chaney Jr.
To answer the question you’re thinking – I wasn’t born in that era when they first came out.

Sing animated
Love this movie. It shows me a multicultural group can work, have fun, listen to ideas, and all learn from each other.

How To Train A Dragon
Wouldn’t you just love to borrow a dragon from your neighbor to do your shopping. I could just imagine what the parking spaces would like. Space marked for two-headed dragon, pearlcatcher dragon, ridgeback dragon, snapper dragon and spiral dragon.

Shrek Beauty is only skin deep. It’s what in your heart that counts.
You can not judge a book by it’s cover. How true! I have learned that over the eons.

Have a great day! Hope
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Hello Everyone!

Abby: I have to touch that painting!
Hope: Why?
Abby: I just have to touch it’s surface that’s all!!
Hope: You do realize that if you harm it in any way you will have to buy it.
Abby: I just have to touch, touch, touch the surface!!!
Hope: Abby, Abby, Abby, I hope you bought your checkbook.
Abby: Oh my gosh! I touched, touched, touched it!!!! The surface is, is, I am speechless.
Hope: And here come the guards. Bring out your checkbook.

Guards: Come with us lady.
Abby: I have my checkbook.
Guards: We don’t think you will have enough for this painting.

Abby’s Painting by Matisse

Have a great day! Hope
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The clip art to the right is also a painting by Matisse.

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Hello Everyone!

NASA is calling all “Astrophiles” !!!! Are you an “Astrophiles”? Then it’s time for you to apply to NASA. They are starting to take applications.

Are you a “star sailor”? Then check out NASA!

Practice model

Are you sure the one below is the one?
Yes I’m sure!
Are you really, really sure?? The one above looks a lot smaller than the one below.
We are both sure this is the one!!!!

WOW! This one looks a lot, lot bigger than the other one!

Have a great day! Hope
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PS: The clip art to the left may look like a moon, but it is a chocolate chip cookie.

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Hello Everyone!

Hope: There goes Nins running around for volunteers.
Abby: What do you mean?
Hope: She handles the krewe for Mardi Gras, parades of all kinds. undefined
Abby: You have to be Kidding? Nins even handles our parade?
Hope: She sure does!! undefinedShe has handled our hat parade from the beginning.
Abby: Hope let’s take her out for dinner. All of us can make it a surprise for what she does for all the krewes she works on to give our town so many smiles.
Hope: Hey Abby! Who you gonna call?
Abby: Hope really! You should have been a krewe for the parade on Ghostbusters!!

Have a great day! Hope
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Who you gonna call? Written by Ray Parker Jr.
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Hello Everyone!

To find out what I wrote below you will need to”eradicate” the following letters.
Are you ready?

Remove Z W H P Q G J K L R X


Hint this day will be celebrated on January 25, 2020. Plus most people love this day.

Have a great day! Hope
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