Gimmick – Gridiron – Anything

Hi Everyone! Word of the Day Challenge! How many items have you heard that sound good, but turn out to be a gimmick just to get your money. How about when you need a new/used car? Here comes five (5) salespersons heading towards you. You watch them as they get closer, closer, closer and then … Continue reading Gimmick – Gridiron – Anything

RDP – Camouflage – WOTD – Zenith

Hi Everyone! I'm trying something new today. Testing myself. Writing about two (2) words today. One is from RDP Camouflage, the second one is from WOTD Zenith. Here I go. Hope: Do you see what I see? Nins: No! What did you see? Hope: Come on try harder. It's right over there just before you … Continue reading RDP – Camouflage – WOTD – Zenith

RDP: Frosted

Hi Everyone! All I have to say is we are frosted and not with Frosty the Snowman. Today we are enjoying a snow storm, but we will heat up to a whole 32 degrees Fahrenheit, wind will pick up to 20 to 30 mph (miles per hour) here in Chicago, IL, U.S.A. Then tonight it … Continue reading RDP: Frosted


Hi Everyone! Have you ever been immerse in a book? How about a move at home or at a show?  Hope: Hi girls! Who is going to be in the dunking water tank at our fair? Abby: Not me! Mabel: Not me! Ezzie: Not me! Nins: Not me! Dot: Not me! Dot, Nins, Ezzie, Mabel, … Continue reading RDP: IMMERSE

RDP: Angle

Hi Everyone!  I never thought of "angle" being mixed with "angel". Thank you RDP: drkottaway prompt creator for Tuesday. Angle  drkottaway guess what? When searching for clip art for "angle" on, it switched my search to "angel". So then I switched from images to all, definitions came up okay.  Then I switched back to clip … Continue reading RDP: Angle

RDP: Marble

Hi Everyone! Do you like marble pound cake?  Do you have marble counter tops? Have you ever seen a metamorphic rock? Where have you seen a marble statue? Have you ever play marbles as a younger person?  Have you ever seen people at a meat counter look for the right amount of marbling in their meat before … Continue reading RDP: Marble

RDP: Pet

Hi Everyone!  Our pet is a domestic short hair cat, orange, peach colors. His name is Milo, He reminds me of Garfield, The way he walks across my keyboard or in front of my monitor, The way he eats, The foods he wants to eat, The foods he puts his nose up at, Sometimes he … Continue reading RDP: Pet

RDP: Cook

Hi Everyone,  Are you ready to cook???? Abby, Mabel: Hey Hope what are you cooking or should we say trying to cook. Hope: You two (2) are so, so, so funny! I'm trying something new and am going to test it on both of you. Abby, Mabel: We don't think so. Is this going to … Continue reading RDP: Cook

RDP: Timely

Hi Everyone, Timely fashion - up to date with what you are wearing, Timely being on time - don't make others wait, Timely surprise moment - don't be late for your own surprise, by the time you have arrived everyone might have left. Don't worry they left you a note. "Sorry you missed your surprise … Continue reading RDP: Timely