Daily Prompt: Loophole

Loophole  Hi Everyone! So what is a loophole? There are loopholes in the law. There are loopholes in business contracts. There are loopholes in love. Hope: WOW! Loophole in love! You have to be kidding? Abby: Nope I am not kidding. Hope: Have you ever known anyone? Abby: Sure do! Millie from down the street. … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Loophole

Daily Prompt: Entertain

Entertain Hi Everyone! Movies TV Shows Plays  Operas Boxing Car Races Horse Derby's  The list can go on and on, and on, and on, and on, on, on, on, on!   TOO MANY ON'S! Have a great day! Hope  Pictures from Bing.com & Graphics Factory.com \

Daily Prompt: Calling

Calling Hi Everyone! Calling all - wait a minute who am I calling? Who are you going to call - Ghostbusters!  Calling Car 54 where are you? Do you have any type of calling of what you want to do in your life? Carpentry is your true calling. Make sure you follow your instincts. There … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Calling

Daily Prompt: Patina

Patina Hi Everyone! Have you ever see patina in action? What the heck am I talking about? Well according to the The Free Dictionary.com it's a layer of dusting snow, or a layer of green coating copper or brass,  or a superficial impression of an uneven sidewalks that add character to the neighborhood, or a … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Patina

Daily Prompt: Age

Age Hi Everyone! Age what is age all about? Age = years, days, hours, minutes, seconds a person lives. Age = time periods like "stone age", "Elizabethan age", "ice age". Age = food aging (fermenting) of wine, cheese, yogurt, cultured butter, coffee beans, Age = aeon a long period of time, epoch, era. All I … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Age

Daily Prompt: Tenterhooks

Tenterhooks   Hi Everyone! Well this is a new word on me. I don't believe I have ever heard of it. A tenter is a framework with hooks. A hook - we all know what that is. A tenterhook can also be suspenseful , on edge , keyed up , anxious.  What more can I say?  … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Tenterhooks

Daily Prompt: Saintly

Saintly  Hi Everyone! What a great word for this time of year. What do you think? Have you noticed people being more helpful, courteous, generous, mindful of their words, they have a smile on their face? Of course if you are acting saintly for this time of year only, do you think it really counts … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Saintly

Daily Prompt: Degree

Degree  Hi Everyone! How many degrees has that snail moved in the last two (2) minutes? Look, my snail has moved one (1) degree more than yours! You two (2) are bonkers! My snail has move 4 (four) degrees more than both of yours. Have a great day! Hope Definition from The Free Dictionary.com Pictures … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Degree

Daily Prompt: Elegance

Elegance  Hi Everyone! Abby: Look how she walks down the runway. Such elegance. Hope: Yes I agree with you on this model. Abby: This model is really strutting her elegance!  Hope: I can't believe it. WOW! Abby: Now this one is the one to watch for elegance. Hope: All I can say is this is … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Elegance