Hi Everyone! Cat's-Paw meanings are totally different than a "cat's paw" Hey neighbor! Can you move my recycle trash containers to the street for pick-up?Sure I'll be right over. Duh! What a dupe I am! Why, oh why do I always say yes? Wow! Look at that "cat's-paw". Lovely light breezes today. Cat's Paw Fernaka … Continue reading Cat’s-Paw


Hi Everyone! What is your favorite "buzzword" to use? Makeup products may use organic, natural, Vegan,Foods may use organic, natural,Flavors may use both natural and organic, Household products use "eco-friendly", natural, green. Me I use "bonkers" to describe myself. Bonkers is a nice way of saying your crazy, mad. I might say I'm "bonkers" for … Continue reading Buzzword

Hello Abby’s Ingredients

Hi Everyone!Β  I thought you might be interested in Abby's recipe for the Hallow Eve ingredients. Hope you enjoy it! Β = 8 - cups of sugar, Β = 2 - sticks of butter, Β = 2 - 12 oz cans of evaporated milk, Add ingredients to non-stick cauldron, if yours is not non-stick make sure you coat … Continue reading Hello Abby’s Ingredients