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Hi Everyone!

I think I’ll wrap myself up as a mummy! Hopefully this will keep me safe from COVID-19.
Of course I will be the best wrapped mummy!

Oh my gosh! I came out of my cocoon too soon!
What can I do now?
Hello Miss! Can you spin me a cocoon?

Have a great day! Hope
Hey you! You’re only 5.5 feet away from me!
Remember be patience with one another we are all going thru tough times.
Cocoon word & definition from M-W’s Word of the
Clip Art from

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Are You Bored?

Some ideas for ages “teens to ????”

Hi Everyone!

In this time of not being able to do your daily regiment, are you bored? Is your family bored?

Well do any of you (from teens to ????) still have your Lego, Mega Building Blocks, Jumbo Blocks, K’Nex, Magformers, Gili Stem and any other types of building.

Many of you have video apps where you can even have contests between relatives and friends. You can add your “build” to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, HubPages, etc. Always research which sites you want to use.

Have a great day! Hope
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America vs. COVID-19

Hello Everyone!

To the people of the United States of America
Thank You!!!!

America we are CHAMPIONS!

I have seen, heard or someone told me about people turning their companies around from making their own products, so they can produce what is essential to many fields who test, take care, responsive to the need of others.
First responders have the most need of protection.
St. Michael, Archangel for first responders.

Isn’t it funny how “we the people” can get things rolling.
Companies with sewing machines masking masks, gowns, etc.
3D printers making products for healthcare workers PPE
Hmm! I wonder what else they can make to help out in this crisis?
Car companies making ventilators,
Companies that were closed are now reopened to make PPE products
PPE = Personal Protective Equipment

See The

“We the people” use our imagination, look at what is in front of us, a light bulb goes on and there we are, necessary items for our people in the front lines.
“We the people” also assist people around us. Calling, waving, singing, mailing, deliveries, and much, much more.
Did you know there are some people that don’t even know what’s going? Homeless people are now being informed when they come for a meal.

Some of us may have good ideas, but don’t know how to get them going.
If someone has an idea, how about listening to what they say.
Be honest! Is it good, not so good, bad.
Be honest! Hey! You know what, I can give you suggestions and see what happens and work together, by phone or video messaging?

Remember 6 foot rule!

Food Pantries helping those in need, packaging products, delivering them.
Food companies that keep live product moving. It’s cleaned, packaged, delivered to stores.

“We the people” for some reason have the inquenity, imagination, fortitude, courage to say “I can do that”.
Once we see or hear “I can do that”, and before you know it, supplies, products, etc, get moving to those in need.

We the people” have pulled together to make the necessities needed to keep our country safe. Keep product moving. BRAVO!

Wait a minute what about robots? I know they are designed to do multiple tasks.
Do you think they could help out?
Could they manage to handle items that are too contagious for humans to handle?

My brain is on a roll! Thank you for reading!

Have a great day! Hope
Information is from many sources newspapers, TV broadcasts, websites.
Clip Art & photos from
We are the champions song by Queen,

found on

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Hello Everyone!

Hope: Here we go again!
Abby: It’s suppose to be a day of friendly chatter.
Hope: And look what’s happening.
Abby: Gossiping about nothing.
Hope: I hope someone is taking notes.
Abby: Hope you are the only person that would think of that. Are you kidding?
Hope: Just had to add a little “bonker” stuff to this blog!

Have a great day! Hope
Nothing word & definition from Word Of The Day
Picture to the left was painting by Norman Rockfall called “Gossip”.
Clip Art from

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What is it? Answers

Hi Everyone!

Here are the answers!
Hope you enjoyed guessing.

This little guy is so ugly, he’s cute.
AKA bekantan in a specific country.
I’m an Old World arboreal with a large nose.
Where can you find me? If I tell you, you will guess right away.
I can co-exist with Bornean orangutan.

Proboscis Monkey

What is it?
I’m native to Caribbean Islands, Central America, and South America.
I’m a flowering vine.

Marcgravia Plant

Have a great day! Hope
What is it? From Weekly
Photos & Clip Art from

This cutie is odd, weird.

I’m full of protein, B vitamins, and dietary minerals. I’m mostly used in one area of the world.

Lotus Seeds Asian

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Hello Everyone!

Hope: Mabel I have a question for you.
Mabel: No problem! What’s up?
Hope: Do you ever feel like your brain is like a sieve?
Mabel: Are you kidding me? No way! I can remember what I ate for breakfast when I was ten years old.
Hope: What a hypermnesia memory you have?
Mabel: That morning I woke up, brushed my teeth, combed my hair, then went to the kitchen and my mom was cooking – etc, etc, etc.
Hope: Okay Mabel. I got the idea.

Have a great day! Hope
Hypermnesia word & definition from
Clip Art from

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Hi Everyone!

Watson: Sherlock what is that fusty aroma?
undefined Sherlock: Watson I’m trying to find out where it is coming from.
Watson: undefined Sherlock you better find it soon, that fusty, funky, strong aroma is making me ill.
Patience Watson I’m getting closer. Of course I’ve been smelling this aroma so long, it might be throwing my nose off.
Moriarty: My, my Sherlock! Your nose has almost found that strong, foul, smelly, ripe, fusty aroma!

Have a great day! Hope
Fusty word & definition from M-W Word of the
Clip Art & Photos from

PS: Do you recognize the actors above?

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Hello Everyone!

Are you going crazy/bonkers with staying in the house due to CV-19?

Are you going from one room to another cleaning, washing, sweeping, vacuuming, etc?

Are you dancing around to keep your body moving?
Remember not to close if you have a partner.

Remember be safe, wash your hands with soap and water for twenty (20) seconds!
Follow information from your doctor, info from TV, friends and relatives that work in the medical.

Watch out for scams!

Have a great day! Hope
Stir-Crazy & definition from
Clip Art from

If you are confused like many of us are, call your information centers or your doctors.

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Panka lunker size!Hello Everyone!

Look at the beanstalk Jack grew! It sure is a lunker.

Hi Insectosaurus! How you doing? Haven’t seen you in awhile. I see you have had a lunker change.
What did you say?

They now call me Butterflyosaurus!

You’re still my best friend. And a beautiful lunker that flies.

Have a lunker day! Hope
Lunker word & definition from
Clip Art & Photos from
Insectosaurus & Butterflyosaurus from Monsters vs. Aliens movie
information from Dreamworks