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Hello Everyone!

To find out what I wrote below you will need to”eradicate” the following letters.
Are you ready?

Remove Z W H P Q G J K L R X


Hint this day will be celebrated on January 25, 2020. Plus most people love this day.

Have a great day! Hope
Eradicate word & definition from M-W Word of the
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Inconvenience Stores

Hello Everyone!

Oh my gosh! I forget the cookies for the meeting. Ahh! I just spotted a store. I will run in and be out in a second or two. (convenience)
Me: Cookies, cookies, cookies. Where the heck are they.
Sir, where are the cookies.
Store assistant: Miss they are right over there. (inconvenience)
Me: Those are refrigerated and have to be baked. I need ones already made.
Store assistant: Miss you didn’t specify what type you wanted. (inconvenience)
Me: Sorry sir, can you tell me where the shelf stabled cookies are.
Store assistant: Miss they are in the front to the right. (inconvenience)
Me: Thank you.
So I get to the front, look to the right and are you ready for this, they only carry little packets of cookies. (inconvenience) As I stand there, shaking my head, I picked up a basket and took all the cookies. Ahh! Got them.
Now I turn around to pay and guess what?

You are so right, there are ten (10) people ahead of me, one (1) cashier and the oldest register I ever saw. The cashier had to add up items by hand, then figure out the tax, take the money, then bag the items. (inconvenience)

Now you might be thinking where is the store assistant to help out.

Store assistant is on break!! (inconvenience)

I started off going to a convenience store, and walked out of the most inconvenience store.

Have a great day! Hope
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Aesthetically Appealing

Hello Everyone!

A New World to Play In” is a new Apple Arcade game using the song “Welcome to My World”.

In the commercial as each second changes to a character they are singing
“Welcome To My World”
Welcome To My World sung by Dean Martin in the 1967 as a studio albums.
Welcome To My World written and sung by Jim Reeves.

Welcome To My World was also sung by Eddy Arnold, Elvis Presley, Ricky Nelson.
If you want more information search Google, Bing, etc, and
Don’t forget

For me this song is “aesthetically appealing!”
As the song plays I close my eyes and find myself and my husband dancing on air. As we dance we smile, share each others happiness, dream of what our future maybe.
Our eyes see the “aesthetically appealing” wonders in the world as we hop on different clouds.

Welcome to my world
won’t you come on in
miracles i guess
still happen now and then

Step into my heart
and leave your cares behind
welcome to my world
built with you in mind

knock and the door will open
seek and you will find
ask and you’ll be given
the key to this world of mine

I’ll be waiting here
with my arms unfurled
waiting just for you
welcome to my world

Have a great day! Hope
Aesthetically Appealing from Weekly
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Hello Everyone!

I bet you think chocolate-box is for candy only.

Chocolate-Box cottage located in the UK.
you may like this style of a Chocolate-Box cottage Shropshire UK.

I didn’t realize that each state in the U. S. A. has their own favorite candy for Valentine’s Day.

Represents other times of the year

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!!!

Have a great day! Hope
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Chocolate-Box word & definition from & The Free

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Hello Everyone!

Have you noticed the commercials where all of a sudden people start playing the KAZOO?

All of a sudden I’m moving my feet and ready to join them but I don’t have a KAZOO!!

So I wondered what the KAZOO was all about.

Well a KAZOO play actually hums instead of blows in to it. This oscillating air pressure of the hum makes the KAZOO’S membrane vibrate.
Sounds will vary in pitch and loudness as you hum away.
KAZOO players use specific syllables like doo, “too”, who, rrrr or brrr.

Celebrated on January 28th

In case you didn’t know – ta dah
Yes! Can you believe it? An electric KAZOO!

I’m totally KAZOOED out!

Have a great day! Hope
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Kazoo information by
Clip Art to the left is Chibi Mibu, Studio Zel at
or and search for Chibi Mibu with kazoo.

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Grey or Gray

Hello Everyone!

Hope: Hi girls, glad you can make it over this morning with all this bonkers snow.
Nins, Abby, Mabel, Dot: We’re all thrilled. Now where’s the hot coffee & tea. Don’t forget creamer, sugar, sweetener.
Dot: Hey what about my flavored creamer?
Hope: Here is it Dot.
Mabel: Okay why are we here? Never mind, you are going to give us a test.
Hope: Well! Mabel you are 100% right. Now don’t all of you sigh or give me that staring look you all have at once.
Here we go!

Number one (1) Gray

Number two (2) Grey

Hope: Okay what is the difference between one (1) and two (2)?
Dot: I have to put my glasses on.
Abby: Hope where’s your magnifying glass?
Mabel: Basically I don’t see any difference.
Nins: I have 20/20 vision and there is no difference! So there!!
Dot, Abby, Mabel: I agree with Nins.

Do you know the difference?
Well let you know in a couple of days.

Have a great day! Hope
Weekly Prompt Challenge – Grey
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Go Fly A Kite πŸͺ

Hello Everyone!

Go Fly A Kite – are you ready to fly your kite? Tomorrow 2/8/2020 is “national fly a kite day” in the United States.

For more information go to post written by Carolyn Wells on

Have a great day! Hope
Article by Carolyn Wells found on online store
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Home Crafts

Hello Everyone!

Start – Yarn, needles, pattern. Knitting has two (2) needles to work with, crocheting has one (1) needle. There are many different sizes of needles and yarns. It is unbelievable!

I still consider myself a beginner. I watch or search on the web at yarn companies websites to look for a pattern I have never done before. I have to tell you, I see one and really love how it looks, then look at the pattern. Then think to myself this one is not for me right now.

I still consider myself a beginner. I’m not a fast knitter. I just take one stitch at a time.
I call my knitting Hope’s Knitting Imperfections. I keep an eye out of stitches that are dropped, lost, and yes pull out a few rolls because it’s on row ten (10) and I’m at row twenty (20).

Now sometimes I get carried away and end up with a piece like this one.
This is my mystery piece.

When I finish my knits, I lightly wash and dry.
Then put in plastic bag that seals on the top.

Add a label.

Insert Hope’s Knitting Imperfections sheet.

Have a great day! Hope
Home Crafts from Weekly
Photos are samples of my knitting.

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Zombie Reality

Hi Everyone!

Mabel & Hope: I didn’t know Abby was selling “realty”.

Mabel: I can’t believe we both said “realty” at the same time.

Hope: So when did Abby get her “realty” license?

Mabel: I think is was last week.

Hope: Look at the house she is trying to sell. I wonder who would be interested in that old house?

Uh Oh! Sorry everyone!
I messed up. I read the word as “realty” and it should be “reality”.

So in “Zombie Reality” Abby was able to sell her “Zombie Realty” home to Mr. & Mrs. Diescythe. (pronounce as Die – scythe)

Have a great Zombie Reality day! Hope
Zombie Reality from Weekly
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Reality & Realty definitions from The Free
Scythe assistance from

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Hello Everyone!

Hope it doesn’t mizzle on groundhog day!

Look at the mizzle coming down. Hope it stops soon for our music concert.

Hope: I can’t believe it! It’s mizzling again!!

Nins: You have to be kidding? I feel we should build an ark. Twenty-one (21) days and counting.
Hope: Come on Nins, let’s go out and stomp in the rain puddles.
Nins: Okay let’s go!

Nins & Hope: I can’t believe it!! That truck it the pothole and got us soaked from top of our heads to the little toes in our boots!!!!

Have a great day! Hope
Mizzle word & definition from
Click on groundhog clip art for 2/2/20 schedule at Punsutawney, PA.
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