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Retired in 2015, lived in Chicago, IL all my life. Love blogging and knitting. I'm sure people think my blogs are - hmm - "bonkers". I've read there are eight (8) type of writers. Closet writer, eternal writer, hestiant writer, innovative writer, inspired writer, literate writer, logical writer, and last but not least savvy writer. Still trying to figure out what I am. I like to use clip art or photos in my blog. Try to relate the clip art and/or photos to what I am writing. Eight (8) writers information found on greatstorybook.com Thank you for stopping by!

Another Cobweb Removed

Hi Everyone! Finally another cobweb gone!!!!

Depending on your age, items like “stove” used to be called a “range”.
You might even hear some people say “oven”.
Even though these items are similar during the ages, they are built differently, materials are different, designs are different. Tops of “stove” are really different, some don’t even have burners.

Question is are stove vs. oven vs. range: Are they Synonyms?

Have a great day! Hope
Blog information on stove, oven, & range came from Dictionary.com.


Hi Everyone!

Have you noticed all the quiz games that are out now on the web, iPhone, Bing, Google, advertisements while playing a game.

I like to keep the cobwebs out of my brain.
All of a sudden I spot an email about taking a quiz on “had or have”.
Guess what I kept a cobweb out of my brain today.

Give it a try!

Website is The Dictionary.com

Have a great day! Hope
Clip Art from Bing.com


Hi Everyone! Happy New Year 2021!

What is a “sleuth”?
Well, let’s see.
You can say people considered a “sleuth” person to be nosy, invades your privacy, asks too many questions. People are ready to say “get out of my face”.

A “sleuth” is actually a detective, investigator, etc.
Here’s a strange one “breeds” short for “sleuthhound”.

I can of like “sleuthhound” myself.

Who is your favorite “sleuth” writer?

Mine are Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle, Kathy Reichs, Mary Higgins Clark.
Of course there are others, but this blog would go on forever, ever, ever and ever.

Welcome to 2021!
Be Safe - wear a mask,
Be Smart - wash your hands,
Stay 6-feet apart - use 6-12 inch rulers.

Have a great day! Hope
Word definition came from several dictionaries.
Clip Art from Bing.com

Are you a “sleuth”?

Button It!

Hi Everyone! +

Hope: According to Cambridge.org/dictionary;
button it is a rude way to tell someone to stop talking!
Why would Abby say that to me?
Abby: Hope, I’m trying to get us out of here in a quiet manner, and right now everyone is looking at us with your rambling on the play.

Hope: Then I realize Abby is trying to think of a way we can escape this boring play without saying “button it” to all the actors that can’t act.

Hope: Button it! I think Abby is trying to tell me something – hmm!

Hope: According to Cambridge.org/dictionary;
A penny for your thoughts – I would say that to Abby when she is deep in thought and she is extremely quiet.

Which is highly unusual for Abby.

Have a great day! Hope
Clip Art & Photo from Bing.com
Button It
A Penny For Your Thoughts

Be Safe – wear a mask,

Be Smart – wash your hands,

Stay 6-feet apart, like a size of hopscotch drawing.

About Face! (this is not a challenge)

Hello Everyone!

WordPress Classic Editor original

WordPress Classic Editor update why the change?

Oh My Gosh! I hope this is the last one!!!! I can’t believe another change!

WordPress Classic Editor A
WordPress Classic Editor B hopefully switching to graph paper may help the new design
WordPress Classic Editor C
I think the Classic Editor, Editors have a block on what to do next!! Just love their doodle.

This is not a challenge, just wondering if this is what the Classic Editor, Editors are going through to make decisions THEY think people will love.
Please editors talk to more people that use the WordPress Classic Editor or Block Editor.

Have a Great Day! Hope
About Face! from Weekly Prompts.com

Clip Art from Bing.com
This is not a challenge by Weekly Prompts.com

Halloween – 1

Hello Everyone! 🎃

I “Googled” Halloween meaning to see what would came up.

the night before All Saints’ Day
“Hallow” — or holy person — refers to the saints celebrated on All Saints’ Day, which is November 1. The “een” part of the word is a contraction of “eve” — or evening before. So basically, Halloween is just an old-fashioned way of saying “the night before All Saints’ Day” — also called Hallowmas or All Hallows’ Day. Oct 28, 2019

Above information from Business Insider.com

Have a great day! Hope
It’s time to get your cauldron out and getting all the ingredients you need for Halloween fun and treats!
Clip Art from Bing.com
Information from Business Insider.com


Hello Everyone!

Doodle –
Do you doodle?

Dictionary meanings; an aimless or casual scribble, design, or sketch also : a minor work,
a design, figure, or the like, made by idle scribbling.

Doodling to me is something that keeps my brain cells working, plus it surprises me is what the heck did I just draw. Scary isn’t it??

So everyone your task at hand is to sit back, relax, paper tablet or journal, pen (regular or assorted colors), pencils (regular or assorted colors, felt tip pens, charcoal pencils, etc, at your fingertips.
No ideas – peak out your window.
Since the holidays are near how about starting with Halloween ideas?

There are many websites you can go to;
elizabethsampson.com (aka The Doodle Nurse Blog)
Vinnie’s Doodle World on YouTube.com

Have a great doodling day! Hope
Doodle definitions from Merriam-Webster.com and Dictionary.com
Clip Art from Bing.com

Halloween is coming!
Fill in with your favorite colors.


Hello Everyone!

How many sobriquet have you been give in your lifetime?

Do your remember the person who gave you your first sobriquet?

Me well let me try and remember.

Are you ready?
Sit back, relax and try to remember your sobriquets.
Enjoy your memories.

Have a great day! Hope
Sobriquet word & definition from Dictionary.com
Clip Art & Photo from Bing.com


Hello Everyone!

“Patience is a virtue”.

Patience – a smile when someone talks about your size.

Patience – waiting for someone to makeup their mind if they really need to buy the third to last item in their shopping cart.

Patience – listening to someone go on, and on, and on, about a robin landing on their porch railing singing beauty notes.

Patience – thank you for reading my blog!

Have a great day! Hope
Patience word from Weekly Prompts.com
Clip Art from Bing.com

Definitions also found on:
Writing Explained.org/idiom/dictionary