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Hi Everyone!

Frolic meaning to play and run about happily.
Wow have you done that lately?
You might be saying, “heck no, I’m too old”.
Wait! Wait! Wait!

What the heck!! I’m seventy-five (75) years of age.
I may not be able to play baseball,⚾ football, 🏈softball, 🥎tennis, 🎾soccer, ⚽basketball. 🏀
Run marathons, sprints or short races, middle distant, long distant, hurdles and relay races.
In this day and age we may not be able to play like everyone else, BUT we learn to play the best we can.
Cheering 📣 is very important.

BUT I can watch others play a sport and cheer them on.
My voice is so loud the cattle run happily 🐄 home!

Have a great day! Hope

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