Dictionary Word Updates

Hello Everyone! I happened to discover a website People First Content, peoplefirstcontent.com/blog So I thought you might be interested to review a couple of new meanings. The words and meanings are from Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Because (conjuction) The new definition of “because” is “by reason of.” It’s often used comedically to explain complicated things vaguely. As … Continue reading Dictionary Word Updates


Hi Everyone! Dragons, where can you find one? Well a new show on HBOMax (that's if you have HBOMax), me will have to wait until it goes to another station. Game of Thrones House Of The Dragon. Name Drogon Look a photo of baby Drogon, so cute! Drogon flying in the sky! Let me know … Continue reading Dragon

Are You Garrulous?

Hello Everyone! So are you garrulous???? Me I'm up in the air, not too sure. I'm usually a listener. And then I hear one word, yes one word and the words just come flying out and seem to never stop. Once I left the outing I said to myself "Hope you were definitely a chatter … Continue reading Are You Garrulous?

Did you know?

Hello Everyone! Have you heard of "Rosie the Riveter"?I would think it would depend on your age group. This is a more modern clip art. Show those great tats Rosie. (tats short for tattoo, in case you didn't know). Art work by Norman Rockwell Fine Art AmericaMetal print by Everett Fine Art America According to … Continue reading Did you know?


Hi Everyone! Frolic meaning to play and run about happily. Wow have you done that lately?You might be saying, "heck no, I'm too old".Wait! Wait! Wait! What the heck!! I'm seventy-five (75) years of age.I may not be able to play baseball,⚾ football, 🏈softball, 🥎tennis, 🎾soccer, ⚽basketball. 🏀OrRun marathons, sprints or short races, middle distant, … Continue reading Frolic