It’s Coming! It’s Coming!

Hi Everyone!
Hello Hope! Can you hear me? This is Abby!
Yes Abby I can hear you. What’s going on?
Well I just saw a Moose in your yard. Did you see this animal? Wait a minute are you feeding him? How come you didn’t tell me? Where did he come from? Are you Moose sitting?
Abby, Abby which question do you want me to answer first?

All of them!
Are you ready for all the answers without interrupting me?
Yes I promise! Promise!

The Moose in my yard is Hershey, he lives in Maine most of the year.
* In a way I’m Moose sitting for a couple of days.

* I’m one of his stops where he can rest and get some good stuff to eat before he makes his deliveries to “you now who” needs. 🎅
* Then he’s ready to run his errands, packs them up and off he goes to deliver them to “you know who”. 🎅
* Hint he goes back to the North Pole this time of year to help out “you know who” . 🎅
* I didn’t tell you because, I didn’t even think you would notice Hershey for a couple of days, since you are so busy now. Plus I wanted you to be surprised by “you know who” in a couple of days! 🎅

Have a great day! Hope & Hershey

F.Y.I. Maine has the highest amount of moose in the lower 48 states. For more information go to
Bangor Daily News

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