It’s Coming!

Hello Everyone!

Have you counted the days to Christmas?

Have you marked your calendar with special things you have to do?

  • Wrapping paper,
  • Tissue paper,
  • Ribbons & Bows,
  • Tape for sealing wrapping paper,
  • Make cookie dough,
  • Day to bake cookie dough,
  • Call people that live far away,
  • For snow & ice areas, is there enough salt, shovels okay, maybe need a new shovel,
  • Check ingredients necessary for the holidays.

Oh my gosh! I can go on & on & on. My hands need a rest.

Have a great day! Hope
One more thing, don’t forget to mail the cards you have addressed and sitting on the table.
One more thing, don’t forget to get postage stamps before you mail them.
One more thing, did you put your return address on them? 🎄

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