Halloween is over!!!! 😞😞😞😞

Halloween is over Everyone!

Everything was great, everyone was so happy, tummies full, fingers, hands, faces, were cleaned before everyone left.

I was the clean-up person as usual.
But that’s okay, as I’m cleaning, able to watch the little ones trying to get an apple, catch a mouse, watch the bats zoom into Aunt Mattila’s hair.

Plates, bowls, napkins, scoops, plastic tableware (no metal allowed), cups, glasses.
Cauldrons were on separate table so no one gets burnt. (this included the older ones who love to stick fingers or something to taste the flavor of each cauldron.) This table was guarded by two invisible persons, keeping an eye πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ on the young ones and of course the older ones.

“Witches Brew” is the one thing I make on this special day to keep me moving. Plus I’m still drinking it today to boost my energy to keep moving.

The story of Witches Brew!

What is a witches brew coffee? Your Halloween festivities will not be complete without a pot of Witches Brew! This mysterious, cauldron concoction was created by the Roastmaster himself. He lightlyΒ roasted each small batch of Arabica bean coffee with the flavors of candy corn, one of Halloween’s most famous candies.
For complete story go to

Hope all of you had a happy, safe, healthy Halloween this year.
Keep me posted on what you’re planning for next year. For me it’s time to stock up on what on need for supplies and start working on the menu, etc, etc, etc….

Have a great day! Hope
Clip Art from Bing.com
Witches Brew from Coffeeam.com

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