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“It is “Ice Cream Day”

From National Day Calendar.com,” ice cream day” is celebrated on 7/18 every year. Here’s some information you might enjoy.

Dish or cone? That’s all we need to know. National Ice Cream Day on the 3rd Sunday in July offers up every flavor on the menu to honor the day! The holiday also lands in the middle of National Ice Cream Month.  

Thousands of years ago, people in the Persian Empire put snow in a bowl, poured concentrated grape juice over it, and ate it as a treat. Even when the weather was hot, they would savor this sweet treat. Their trick? They placed snow in underground chambers known as yakchal where the temperatures kept the snow from melting. The Persians also hiked to the mountain tops by their summer capital to gather snowfall. 

For more interesting information on my favorite subject go to;
National Day Calendar.com/july-18-2021-national-ice-cream-day

Have a great day! Hope
Oh My Gosh! I can’t wait until I open the freezer door. Yum🥄

Reminder – we still need to be cautious on the
“Covid-19” and “Delta” mutants.
Here in Illinois the “Covid-19 Mutant” is raising in people.
Come on now no matter where we are in the world we can still – wear a mask 😷, if you don’t feel comfortable where you are at, wash hands 👐, to me that’s been necessary all my life, watch our distance from one another, maybe half the size of a Beatle Volkswagen, stay a distance where you feel comfortable.

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