Hello Everyone!

Are you ready?

Today is Thursday 5/20/2021!

So what’s up with you?

Do you ever have days that are full of “pandemonium”?

The other day I doing stuff around the condo. All of a sudden I turned around and wondered where did I leave my bottle of water? So I checked the front room, not there, dining room, not there, (I started talking to myself – where in the world did I leave it?) kitchen , not there, bedroom, not there, all of the sudden the light bulb 💡 goes on, it was in the utility room.

Now the issue with this is, I started off doing something in the utility room and didn’t even notice my water bottle on the way out.

True “pandemonium” wouldn’t you say?
Maybe a small “Pandemonium”?
Just quietly talking to myself.

Have a great & non-pandemonium day! Hope
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Be Safe – wear a mask,
Be Smart – wash your hands,
Stay 6 feet apart – size of a dining table and eight chairs!

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