Hello Everyone!

Hope! How you doing today?
Well Abby, to tell you the truth I am so-so today. Don’t feel like last night’s concert was the greatest or the worse so far this year.
Hello Parsley! Did you go to the concert last night? If you did how was it?
Abby I would say fair to middling for every song they played. The end was so mediocre I was ready to walk out with the others. I have no idea what happened to this band, over the last couple of years, but don’t think I will see them again.
Thanks girls! I can now write up my review and definitely give this band a So-So, fair to middling review.

Have a great day! Hope
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Be Safe wear a mask 


Be Smart wash your hands

Stay 6 feet apart imagine a Leatherback Sea Turtle between me  

and you.

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