Hi Everyone!

Happy April 20, 2021!

Today in Chicago, IL 60634 U.S.A.
we might get rain,
we might get sleet,
we might get snow,
we might get slush,

we might even get graupels.

Are you wondering what graupels are?
“Graupel is also called snow pellets or soft hail, as the graupel particles are particularly fragile and generally disintegrate when handled. Sleet are small ice particles that form from the freezing of liquid water drops, such as raindrops.”
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Have a great day! Hope
Clip Art & Photo from
Believe it or not we have some sun right now!

It’s 2:05 PM Central Time.

Clip Art to the left represents a lady keeping an eye on the change of weather here in Chicago, IL 60634 U.S.A.

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