Helloooooo Everyone!

I think I just “foozle” the spelling of hello.

Oh My Gosh! He doesn’t realize he “foozled” the golf ball.

Abby: I hope, Hope didn’t “foozle” her chili this year with those super hot peppers she gets.
Nins: Me too! She gets so “foozled” when she’s making it.

Hope: Oh My Gosh, Willow – hurry call the fire department while I run next stop to Parsley house. Parsley! Parsley! Are you okay????
Parsley: Yes Hope! I just burnt my chocolate cookies AGAIN!!!!
Before you say your famous word – I “foozled” my cookies again!
Hope you are so “bonkers!!”

Have a great day! Hope
Clip Art from
Header painting by Katherine Green “Daisy Meadow painting KS 2008.”
Foozle from

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