Hello Everyone!

I think avant-garde is a fascinating word!

Why you ask?

It takes imagination to create something you would never see again!

Why you ask?? Well people would look at it, from front to back, left side to right side, top of head to the bottom of feet. To me, people would walk away scratching their heads wondering, just wondering, wondering how did they do that????

I have seen avant-garde mostly on the fashion shows, like “Project Runway”.

Avant-garde art Natalia Goncharova artist can be found on Fine Art America.com

Avant-garde architecture “Dancing House” by Frank Gehry, located in Prague.
Photo from PassionforHospitality.net.
For direct link to photo; https://passionforhospitality.net/4-days-in-prague-cool-things-to-do-in-prague/

Avant garde interior design
Photo from Decor4all.com Avant garde modern interior design.

Avant-garde woman artists
Linda Nochlin known for being first woman feminist in art history.
Photo from ARTnews.com

For more information on Linda Nochlin go to Hyperallergic.com

Avant-garde photography

Have a great “avant-garde” day! Hope
Photos and Clip Art from Bing.com
Avant-garde word from Dictionary.com
Photos from ARTnews.com, Hyperallergic.com, Decor4all.com, PassionforHospitality.net, Fine Art America.com

The clip art next to me is my idea of “avant-garde”.

P.S. Avant-Garde one word or two words? Should there be a hyphen between avant garde? There are quite a few opinions.
I’m sticking with the hyphen – why you ask? I like to use a hyphen, and exclamation marks !!!! four is my favorite amount for them, quote marks to make something to stand out.

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