Jellyfish Group Name

Hi Everyone!

A “smack” of Jellyfish. No, no, no I didn’t smack any Jellyfish.
“Smack” is what a group of Jellyfish are called.

Why are they call that? According to article the “smack” feels like a sharp slap or blow with the palm of a hand to a human.

Have a great day! Hope
Smack Jellyfish group name from
Clip Art from
Jellyfish picture to left from Tanya Spirit Animal
When searching for “watercolor” art/artists, I discovered, creator Charlie O’Shields, founder of World Watercolor Month, & host of Sketching Stuff Podcast. Also check out
I know there is a lot of talent out there so give it a look.

Me, I’m lucky I can draw a stick.

Be SafeWear A Mask!
Be Smart – Wash Your Hands!
Stay 6-Feet Apart – the length of two Golden Retrievers

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