Hi Everyone!

Abby did you hear all that talk going on in Mabel’s group.
Hope sure did, they are all full of “malarkey!” They try to impress all of us in the room. I have to give them credit how they try to impress everyone!

Of course our group has two “flibbertigibbets”.
Paisley comes out with the silliest conclusions, on her gossiping conclusions.
Hermione goes on, on, on, on, on, on, on, on. If I don’t stop her at one point, we would never complete our meeting before midnight.

Oh my gosh! I write my blogs like Hermione.
I keep writing on, on, etc, etc, etc!

Have a great day! Hope
Words Malarkey & Flibbertigibbet from
Express Writers.com
Definition assistance from Dictionary.com
& Merriam-Webster.com

Be Safe – Wear a Mask –
Be Smart – Wash Your Hands –
Stay 6-feet apart, the size of a Sidewalk Hopscotch game –

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