Cromulent πŸ€”

Hi Everyone!

Have you ever heard, read, said, wonder what is “cromulent?”

Do you watch “The Simpsons?” Back in 1996 is when their fourth grade teacher never heard of the word “Embiggens” and asked the second grade teacher if she did, and her answer was “It’s a perfectly “cromulent” word.

Hope : Abby your lawn is so green, it’s cromulent to neighbors lawns!
Abby : Thanks Hope.

From Deb Amlen, “Mythical Matchmaker,” New York Times, April 22, 2020

“I suspect that one of the scariest moments for new [crossword] solvers is when they discover that it is perfectly cromulent for constructors to clue answers in a way that means one thing, but twists the answers into real words that mean something totally different.DEB AMLEN, “MYTHICAL MATCHMAKER,” NEW YORK TIMES, APRIL 22, 2020″

See Wordplay, The Crossword Column

By any chance do you know what “Embiggen” means?

Have a wonderful, bright, sunny day! Hope
Oh! I didn’t realize it was raining!
Cromulent word from
Embiggen word from
Deb Amlen New York

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