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Words from Silly Old Sod blog Mutton Shunter

Mutton and Lamb

So why were policemen called Mutton Shunters?

Apparently, there was a lot of prostitution going on. Move Along Now especially in Victorian London and because many of the ladies were hardly youngsters, they were known as Mutton. The old saying, Mutton dressed as Lamb, meaning an older person trying to make themselves look a lot younger. The police were forever moving on the ladies of the night, hence ‘shunting’ and so they became known as Mutton Shunters!

Other words from Silly Old Sod blog;
CHUFFY – to be proud
MALMSEY NOSE – someone who drinks too much
WINDY WALLETS – someone who talks too much
BALLOON JUICE LOWERER – someone who can’t handle their liquor
PUCKFYST – thirsty
SCURRY FUNGE – tidy the house quickly when someone calls
NIZZLE – to be slightly intoxicated
SHANT OF BIVVY – a glass of beer
BELLY WASHER – lemonade or aerated water
GOT THE MORBS – a temporary melancholy
If you want to view the book yourself, you can follow this link: Passing English Dictionary

You are probably wondering why I titled my blog “windy wallets”.

I’m a “windy wallets” – someone who talks to much. And that’s me!

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Mutton Shunter from Silly Old Sod Blog
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Be Safe – Wear a mask –
Be Smart – Wash your hands –
Stay 6-feet apart – Length of 2 Golden Retrievers

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