Hello Everyone!

How do you feel today? Happy, glad, spectacular, wow what a great day.


Do you feel “rowdy”?
Interesting word? How many times have you used this word lately? Have you ever used this word?
Now if you haven’t even heard this word, you might of heard rambunctious.

All I can say (write) is, some days I just feel like being plain old “rowdy”.

The city of Chicago and the state of Illinois was finally opening up more things for people to do. Wow! I can go out to a restaurant.

And then the snow storm hit!

Really! Really! Really! Really! Really!
Really! This is just too much!!!!

I looked at Milo, he looked at me and we both went REALLY!!!! We couldn’t believe it.
In case you didn’t know Milo is a talker, a very strong talker at times, especially when it’s time to eat or he’s looking for something and can’t find it or wants to go out the door. (not outside, just in the hallway to see if someone is coming in).

Hopefully all is well with you and your families.

Don’t be afraid to get a little rowdy or rambunctious. You only need to go up an octave or two. Come on now we can all sing no matter what others think. Come on you can sing a “octet” or two. If you are a whistler, whistle away!

Or let’s get our Kazoos out!

Have a great day! Hope & Milo
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