Hi Everyone! Happy New Year 2021!

What is a “sleuth”?
Well, let’s see.
You can say people considered a “sleuth” person to be nosy, invades your privacy, asks too many questions. People are ready to say “get out of my face”.

A “sleuth” is actually a detective, investigator, etc.
Here’s a strange one “breeds” short for “sleuthhound”.

I can of like “sleuthhound” myself.

Who is your favorite “sleuth” writer?

Mine are Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle, Kathy Reichs, Mary Higgins Clark.
Of course there are others, but this blog would go on forever, ever, ever and ever.

Welcome to 2021!
Be Safe - wear a mask,
Be Smart - wash your hands,
Stay 6-feet apart - use 6-12 inch rulers.

Have a great day! Hope
Word definition came from several dictionaries.
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Are you a “sleuth”?

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