Hello Everyone!

Doodle –
Do you doodle?

Dictionary meanings; an aimless or casual scribble, design, or sketch also : a minor work,
a design, figure, or the like, made by idle scribbling.

Doodling to me is something that keeps my brain cells working, plus it surprises me is what the heck did I just draw. Scary isn’t it??

So everyone your task at hand is to sit back, relax, paper tablet or journal, pen (regular or assorted colors), pencils (regular or assorted colors, felt tip pens, charcoal pencils, etc, at your fingertips.
No ideas – peak out your window.
Since the holidays are near how about starting with Halloween ideas?

There are many websites you can go to; (aka The Doodle Nurse Blog)
Vinnie’s Doodle World on

Have a great doodling day! Hope
Doodle definitions from and
Clip Art from

Halloween is coming!
Fill in with your favorite colors.

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