Hello Everyone!

Abby: I’m setting up our schedule for our tete-a-tetes this week. There will be no changes once I post it. Remember no changes!
Time limited is one hour and forty-five minutes.
No hollering, hooting, looking up words in dictionary, keep calm, no jumping out of special tete-a-tete sofas.

Hope: I have appointments on Monday and Thursday, I’ll email you my times,
Mabel: I have appointments on Tuesday 11:00 AM and Wednesday at the same time,
Dot: No appointments for me this week,
Nins: I’m the same as Dot,
Penelope: I have an appointment on Friday 3: PM,
Abby: No appointments for me this week.

Tete-a-tete Weekly Schedule
Name of host
Person meeting
with host
Penelope tete-a-tete withDotMonday2:00 PM
Hope tete-a-tete withAbbyTuesdayNoon
Mabel tete-a-tete withNinsWednesday11:30 AM
Nins tete-a-teteHopeFriday1:00 PM
Abby tete-a-teteHopeFriday5:00 PM

Have a great day! Hope
Word & definition from Dictionary.com
Clip Art & Photos from Bing.com

Be Safe,
Be Smart,
Stay 6 feet apart.

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