Hi Everyone!

Have you ever missed seeing a pothole?
Have heard a big blonk when driving?
Have you ever bounced ski high when driving?
Then you hear kerplunk?
Then you see your tire rim go down the street?

We’re yelling to our neighbor Tom “pothole, pothole!!”
Tom yells back it’s only a little “hole!”

Oh My Gosh!!!! Where did Tom go?
Kerplunk, blonk, tire rim flying. Now I know where Tom went.


Neighbors yell are you okay?
Help is on the way!
Tom yells to neighbors – WOW! That’s a big one!
Neighbors yell back “Tom you need new glasses!!!!

Have a great day! Hope
Pothole word from Weekly Prompts.com
Clip Art & Photos from Bing.com

Befunky.com used to create car in pothole.

REMEMBER: Wear Mask,
Wait to make sure your distance is 6 feet or 1. 8288 meters apart,
Wash your hands!

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