What is it? 4

Hello Everyone!

I’m a type of salamander, but I do not undergo metamorphosis.
What is this little guy’s name?
I’ve named him Axle!

Hmm! Take a closer look!
Bird, animal, orchid?

Wow! They are swirling on the dance floor!
What dance are they doing?

Can you guess who we are? We are fantastic creatures being feed by Jacob.

I have heard of this item, but have never saw one.
They can be different colors in different areas.
Believe it or not this one has an odd chemistry that creates it’s own heat, often melting the snow around it’s first sprouts.

Have a great day! Hope
What is it? 4 by Weekly Prompts.com
Photos from Bing.com
Clip Art from Graphic Factory.com

Watch out! Watch out! Keep yourself safe no matter where you are!
Wash Hands
Measure your distance
Keep a smile under your mask! Yes people can tell if your smiling.

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