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Hello Everyone!

I’m poisonous when raw
Different shades from off white to deep purple,
Different shapes long and skinny or teardrop or bulbous or round or pear or a large grape.

Eggplant is my name and come from the nightshade family.

I’m tiny,
I have arms, legs, eyes,
I have a tiny voice,
I’m green,
My name is Pickett and my friend is Newt Scamander.

Pickett is my name and I’m a Bowtruckle, one of my specialities is to pick locks.

I’m small,
Kind of like a mole,
Kind of like a platypus,
I have an odd snout,
I have a pocket to carry my stuff.

Niffler is my name and I love shinny items!

I think you might recognize me right away due to the beautiful color of my leaves, plus they are also double leaves.
My branches are unique because they are almost kissing the ground.

Cherry Tree Willow is my name

I love hot and arid regions of Americas,
My rosettes are of strong, fleshy leaves,
I’m a perennial,
I take years to mature and flower,
I’m considered a very popular ornamental plant used especially hot and dry climates,
This hint might give me away – people love my flavor in unique drinks they make.

My name is Agave Tequilana, some call me Blue Agave or Tequila Agave.

Have a great day! Hope
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